Egils Šusts

Egils Šusts

CEO & Producer at Sense Media

Got a diploma as a Computer system Technician at age 19. Inspired by the Hollywood movies, and as broke as a teenager can be, he co-started a Sense Media video production company in Liepaja city when 20 yo while getting a degree in New Media Arts. Back then was hyper-obsessed with everything related to video production – how to film better, how to edit better, how to build strong teams, how to access high-paying customers etc. It was full-time self-growth with micro analyzing of everything.

In 9 past years produced more than 500 local digital projects related to business promotion, sports, culture, and learning. He has learned to work as an all-in-one specialist in video production and built a full-service 13 people in-house team, and still manage multiple freelancers at the same time. Has succeeded in building long-standing relationships with diverse, international clients like Google and NBA star Kristsps Porzingis producing more than 5000 video and animation minutes per year.

Has produced multiple small budget sports documentaries and a bigger TV animation pilot “Blinky”, 2020 which was backed by his own company and Latvia’s biggest Technology and entertainment company Tet.

Egils believes digital content creation will become even more needed since more people and businesses are coming online. So by partnering with like-minded people he is on his way to create the biggest digital content production house in north-eastern Europe.