Līva Stūrmane

Līva Stūrmane

Executive Director at Latvian Exporter’s Association “The Red Jackets”

Līva Stūrmane has extensive experience in non-governmental organizational work and leadership. Entrepreneurship development, mentoring, creative industries and country branding are her areas of expertise and interest.

At the moment she is the managing director of the Latvian Exporter’s Association “The Red Jackets”. She joined the Movement in 2013 and since then 120 companies have been awarded the prestigious title “The Red Jackets” and “Rising Stars”, as well as 3 books “Treasures of Latvia” have been published. Currently the association consists of 40 leading exporting brands and is growing rapidly.

She has experience in conference moderating – moderating the Ministry of Regional Development conference in January 2019 “A road to better public services”, Latvian Presidency in the EU conference “Cultural and creative crossovers”, as well as European Latvian Congress panel devoted to economy.

She holds a master degree in Political science from the University of Latvia.