Spotlight Latvia Virtual Lunch Series: Episode 4

Virtual lunch with Ivars Slokenbergs on How Latvian Companies (and Others) Can Meet the Challenges of Operating in the US Market.


Ivars Slokenbergs is a lawyer at Slokenbergs PLLC. A law firm and business consultancy based in New York primarily serving companies and individuals from the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – doing business in the United States. The firm also advises US companies and individuals doing business in the Baltic States.

Ivars has years of experience with companies bringing their products and services to the United States. He has helped numerous firms to take care of all the legal actions to ensure successful entrance therefore his expertise and knowledge about crucial aspects of entering U.S. market is without a doubt beneficial and worth knowing.

During the approximately 45 min session Ivars Slokenbergs gave a summary of important things to consider prior entering U.S. market by establishing brunch or simply starting sales to distributors in America. Being one of the worlds largest market, the rules and regulations differ not only between Europe and America but also between states within the U.S. Knowing the business model and potential issues. even the choice of state in which company decide to operate can be crucial success factor.